Q. I'd like to learn how to find my own profitable bets. Where do I start?

A. Make sure you attend my upcoming training webinar, where I'm going to show you the process I go through to find profitable bets on a daily basis.

You can reserve your seat here.


Q. I've just signed up for your training webinar...when is it being held?

A. My next training webinar will be held on Wednesday 28th July at 12 Midday BST.


Q. How long will the webinar last?

A. Taking into account all I've planned to cover, the session should last approximately 45 minutes.


Q. I can't attend the webinar on that day / time. Will you be making a recording available?

A. Yes, we will make a recording of the webinar and after the session, we will send this to everyone who registers here.

Please ensure you watch the webinar before Sunday 1st August, as it won't be available after this date.


Q. What is Master Your Betting?

A. Master Your Betting is an eight week rapid implementation course, the primary aim of which is to show you the exact bet finding process, that will earn enable you to start earning £5,000 - £15,000 from your betting each year.


Q. How much experience do I need to take the course?

A. None. The course caters for a range of experience levels, and starts at the very beginning. Even a complete novice can learn how to find profitable wagers, using the comprehensive set of training materials provided.


Q. How can I join the course?

A. Full details of the course will be provided at the end of my next training webinar. If you haven't registered to attend yet, you can do so here.


Q. Where can I access my course materials?

A. Your resources are available from the members area of the website at

This can be accessed from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. I recommend bookmarking this page, and saving your login details for easy access.


Q. What is the minimum recommended investment for my betting activities?

A. This comes down to personal preference. Most users start with an investment of £500 - £1,000. However, even a conservative investment of £100 - £200 can be grown over time, to produce the desired result.

Further bankroll & staking advice, including methods to accelerate the growth of your bankroll, are provided with the course.


Q. Will Master Your Betting be updated, if you change your bet finding strategy?

A. Yes, I have planned to add additional content, if and when my strategy for finding bets changes in the future.


Q. I am having trouble accessing the course. What should I do?

A. First things first, try resetting your password here.

This also applies if you are missing your login details. You will be emailed your username and a link to reset your password. If you have tried resetting your password and still cant log in, please use the contact form to report the issue, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.