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Horse Race Base Trial - give you access to a comprehensive database for finding your betting angles.


Hello and welcome to our second module, where we’re going to explore some of my favourite approaches to take, when trying to find my way into a given race.

Let’s start at the beginning- you’ve loaded up the days racecards on your computer, seen the cards and races that are running, and are wondering where to go next…

- Should I go through the days races one by one according to time?

- Should I focus on a single card or racetrack?

- Or just one or two specific races?

There are typically at least 3 racecards, 20+ races, and 200+ horses running on a given day.

Without a clear strategy for finding your way into a race, it’s easy to get stuck before you’ve even begun.

So in this module we’re going to look at one simple and effective way to find your “in”.



This is where we identify one main factor that has performed well in the past.

There are a wide variety of factors that can affect a horses performance in a given race. Some of the main ones include:

 - Race Type (is it national hunt i.e hurdle or chase, or is it on the flat, or the all weather?)

 - Going (or ground conditions)

 - Class

 - Distance

 - Trainer Form

 - Jockey Form

 - Horses Form (more specifically, form that is relevant to the race we want to bet on)

 - Weight

 - Speed

 - Pace

 - Odds (what odds are being offered, and do they represent value?)

Betting angles often combine a few different factors, but there should be one main factor to focus on as a starting point.


In my experience, often the best factors to start with involve Form:

 - Trainer Form

 - Jockey Form

 - Horses Form

The basic idea is, if a specific horse, trainer, or jockey has performed well in the past, they are more likely to continue doing so in the future.

This is an approach many punters take, simply betting on horses according to their recent form, or following what are perceived as the most successful trainers or jockeys.

The problem is, the information available on your standard racecard isn't really designed to help you find winning bets.

It’s more likely designed to nudge you towards placing bets that offer poor value for money; whether that bet be on a so-called “sure thing” favourite, or an accumulator, both of which usually give terrible value.

The point is, we’re not going to find what we need on a standard set of racecards.


To do this properly and accurately, what we really need is a horse racing database.  The two I use are:

 - Horse Race Base

This is the most comprehensive database I know of, and those of you who don’t already use it can sign up to a free trial here.

 - Geegeez Gold’s Query Tool

We’ll explore this option further in our next module.

Here is one hurdle that many punters never manage to jump over- a willingness to invest in the resources that will enable them to master their betting.

A master craftsmen always avails himself of the very best tools, and so should we.

It took me a fair few years losing money to come to this realisation, but it wasn’t long after I started putting these resources to use, that I saw a drastic improvement in my results.

For the remainder of this module I’d like to show you how to create simple betting angles from scratch using Horse Race Base.

You can watch the video through, or if you’d like to get some practise by following the process yourself, pause this video and head over to horse race base to sign up to the free trial (or log in if you already have an account).

Once you’re registered and logged in, continue on and we’ll get started…



(4 minutes 20 seconds)


Once you’ve created and saved your betting angles as active, you’ll automatically be emailed each days qualifiers from then on.

Now, at this point I just want to reiterate that for the purpose of this course- Betting angles are an easy way “IN” when searching for bets on a given day, however, they aren’t the end least not if your goal is to create a substantial recurring income for your betting.

The fact is, a lot of people who simply bet the qualifiers from their betting angles with no further research or testing, often lose a hefty sum in the long run.

To truly master your betting, you need to be smarter than that.

Betting angles throw up naff bets more often than you might think, and we’ll learn how to deal with these soon enough.

In our next module, we’re going to follow this thread a little further, by looking at:

- An alternate way to find betting angles using the Geegeez Query Tool

- What’s the difference between Angles and Systems?

- Four steps to making substantial profit from angles & systems.

I’ll see you then.