Hello and welcome to module 6, where I’m going to run you through the routine I go through on a typical day to rate my shortlisted horses, and any other runners that particularly stand out.

Once we have our ratings, we can filter out the weakest and most doubtful horses, and in doing so arrive at our final list of bets for the day.

So once more, let’s head over to the racecards and get stuck in…



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Now that you’ve made to the end of the bet finding process, I think a congratulations are in order!

At first, this process may seem time consuming and complex. This is particularly true when creating new betting angles or systems to use as a starting point, or using value hacking techniques, and especially if you choose to start compiling your own odds.

However, this process will become much easier and less time consuming with practise; and by making this a part of your regular routine, it shouldn’t take long to start seeing major improvements in your results, and take home profit.

Now, although we’ve covered how to find profitable bets from start to finish, there are still a few additional topics to cover to ensure our success.


First and foremost is the bet placement process.

This may seem pretty obvious to to most of you, but it’s surprising how easy it is to make mistakes when placing bets. And mistakes cost money!

So, that will be the primary focus of our next module.

Between now and then, please feel free to start putting the full betting finding process to use.

However, consider sticking to small stakes, or even paper trading, until you’ve had a decent amount of practise, & ideally until you’ve completed the remainder of the course.

I'll see you in the next module.