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Hello and welcome to our eighth and final module of the course, where I’d like to invite you to step aboard my time-machine, and we’ll look at what to expect when you use this process to find and place your bets over the long term.

As I see it, there are 3 main benefits to using a particular betting strategy consistently, over a longer period of time.

First, it allows you to iron out any short term winning or losing runs and get into substantial profit, while providing a clear picture of how much you’re likely to earn in the future. 

And as you’re well aware by now, our preferred measure of this is the annual return on investment.

Although the majority of punters are more apt to blame the strategy they are using for their poor results, I’ve found that more often than not, the real cause is their failure to stick with one particular strategy for long enough.

The sad fact of the matter is that most punters only give each betting strategy a couple of weeks, or maybe a couple of months at a push.

After this, they’ll usually move onto the next strategy, and repeat the cycle. Fortunately, we know better, but just to reiterate, if you’re going to use the techniques shared in this course…

I recommend using them consistently for at least a full betting season, if not a full year, before reviewing how profitable they have been for you.


Ok, moving on...

The second benefit  is that you will accumulate a substantial amount of very useful data.

I can tell you now that aside from mindset, the biggest difference between the amateurs and the betting pros, is that the pros always use large samples of past racing data, when figuring out how to find bets that turn a profit.

While most people use external sources of this data, be it Horse Race Base or the tools provided by services like Geegeez...

The most powerful source of data is your own results history, especially when it’s based on actual bets placed, and actual profit generated in the real world.

Anyone can use a database to create systems that show good past results, but whether or not it produces profit in the real world is a different matter entirely.

And if you’ve tried following systems before, you’ll probably already know that most betting systems fail to produce the results claimed, and many actually lose money in the long run.

On the other hand, collecting your own data, and then it using it to develop and fine-tune your betting strategy, is much more likely to produce good results.


As we briefly look at in our previous module...

Recording certain race conditions with your results is a vital step to collecting useful data, that can be used to increase your profit.

Whether you do this manually on a spreadsheet, or using the Geegeez bet tracker tool, is really up to you. The important bit is that over time, you’ll be able to spot patterns in the data, identify where most of the profit lies, and also which factors are producing the poorest results.

For example, you may find that the majority of your profit comes from All-Weather races, or in higher race classes.

Only time will tell what works best for you, although there’s a good chance you’ll identify some similar patterns as I have.

So before we discuss the third and final benefit using this bet finding process over the long term, let’s take a look at my own results and see what I’ve discovered so far…


(3 minutes 33 seconds)


So as we saw in the walkthrough, the third and final benefit of using this bet finding process over the long term, is that it allows you to create your own betting portfolio.

Like the All-Weather and Hurdle strategies I’m planning to add to my betting portfolio in the near future, once you’ve identified where most of your profit is being generated, you can create new and improved strategies that specifically focus on these areas.

You could also start omitting some of your bets, if there are areas where you’re producing an overall loss. 

The result will be greater overall profit, and return on your investment. But that’s not all...

When it comes down to it, the main reason for creating a betting portfolio is that it allows you to spread your risk.

We’ve all heard the saying…

"Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; if the basket is dropped, all is lost."

By creating a betting portfolio, we’re increasing the number of baskets in which our eggs are kept. 

It’s important to do this because as we already know, betting is a high risk form of investment.

And therefore, any steps we can do to reduce this risk will serve us well in the long run. If you can spread your bankroll over several betting strategies, you are protected even if one of those strategies takes an unexpected nose dive.

If you haven’t experienced losing your full bankroll before, let me tell you now that it can happen, and does happen, so being prepared for the worst case scenario is a wise move.

And, in my opinion at least, protecting our bankroll should come first and foremost, and generating our profit second.

But If we can strike a balance between our risk and reward, there’s no reason why we can’t achieve both.


Ok, so that concludes the main points I wanted to cover in this final module, 

But there is one last thing before we close, and I wish you well on your journey to betting success...

I’ve had several emails over the duration of the course, from people asking if they can get access to my daily list of bets, based on the full process we’ve covered here in Master Your Betting.

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 - My Systems Archive, a collection of downloadable systems that I’ve created using HRB)

 - New Strategies Added Seasonally. I plan to add my latest all-weather and hurdle strategies to the service this autumn, then one or two Flat racing strategies next spring, and so on.


There are a few different ways that this service could benefit you...

1. The bulk of the work is done for you, meaning all you need to do is place the bets, which only takes 5 - 10 minutes per day.

So if you’re strapped for time, or can only commit to finding your bets 2 or 3 times per week, this service is there to pick up the slack.

2. You want to cross-check your bets against mine. 

So if, you know, you want to see if we’re arriving at similar bets, or if you want to bet all your own selections, plus mine to boost your profits even further, you can of course do so.

3. You want to use the current trends to narrow down your bets, or make use of the additional strategies and systems provided with the service.


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Ok, and that wraps it up for both this module, and for Master Your Betting.

I’d just like to say congratulations once again for making it all the way to the end of the course!

I’m confident that once you’ve mastered the strategies we’ve covered, and started placing the resulting bets regularly, it won’t take you long to start seeing the desired results.

And finally, as I briefly mentioned earlier in the course, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to boost our profit levels further...

So I will be in touch if and when I find anything worthwhile, and may create more modules in the future if I think they will be beneficial to you.

Thanks again for choosing to take part in this course, and I wish you all the very best with your future betting, and likewise in life.